According to the Harvard Business Review,

Sustainability is Now the Key Driver of Innovation

Be the driver – don’t be driven.

Creating data-driven metrics-based sustainability programs may, understandably, seem like a daunting task, a task that will drive up costs and make your organization uncompetitive.  Meanwhile, companies face increasingly tough government regulations to combat climate change; the argument being, voluntary action will not be enough.

Akasha Strategies believes market leaders must set the agenda on sustainable industry practices before it is done by outsiders who lack understanding of your business or industry needs and interest.  Akasha Strategies can help.  The reality is, sustainability programs offer value by bringing innovation and efficiency to your current operations.

Allow Akasha to add value to your organization. You can trust Akasha to learn your business, understand your needs, crunch pertinent data, establish realistic but impactful goals, and help your organization initiate change without affecting your bottom line, all while promoting transparency without sharing your trade secrets.

Corporate Social Responsibility leads to innovation and opportunity.  Let’s innovate. Let’s create opportunities.

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Here at Akasha Strategies, we listen to and understand your unique sustainability needs and interests.

Akasha means “open sky” in Sanskrit.

The world is opening up to new ideas and opportunities to use resources efficiently for the benefit of all.  This belief is increasingly becoming the new normal.  Everyone under the open sky must do our part – however big or small.

Akasha Strategies draws upon extensive expertise in the areas of governance, operational project management, workforce development, and corporate social responsibility to create customized plans – sustainability blueprints – that inspire sound practices for shared benefit.

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