Akasha’s Value-Add Philosophy

Akasha believes the days of amassing the resources of the planet and the people for self-gain are diminishing. Never before has the market provided the perfect conditions to link purpose and profit. Our footing of value creation occurs by connecting with the current rapid exchange of innovation and communication technologies that only succeed if they are shared and utilized.  We activate value-add by a simple formula of intellect, strategy and relationship capital to directly improve your bottom line, de-risk your operations and increase your reputation.  Akasha’s vision is to lead by harnessing the solutions of the private sector, government, non-profit and philanthropy to create smart strategies to uplift all – profits, people and the planet.  The sky is open.

Sejal Patel


Respected, Efficient, Compassionate

Sejal Patel is Founder and Principal of Akasha Strategies.  She has 18+ years of experience in project management, solar project development, land acquisition, water and agriculture asset investment, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, public reporting and research and policy development and analysis.

She was Vice President of Sustainability/Impact at Renewable Resources Group (RRG), a capital and asset management firm investing in agriculture, water and renewable energy. In her 7 years at RRG, Sejal managed and supported $150 million in water and agricultural capital investments.

Sejal’s environmental and social impact portfolio includes developing and managing the inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility program and annual reports for Sun World International (SWI), RRG’s largest agricultural operating company; achieving Fair Trade certification for over 4,000 acres of SWI table grapes varieties and as the one of only two large agricultural companies certified in the United States, managing successful pilot of new biomass energy technology, managing community buy-in for a controversial 10-block concrete easement into a green public space area for a blighted community in Southeast Los Angeles, and originating the first employee benefit company in the U.S., California Harvesters Inc (CHI), of which Sejal is Co-founder, Board Secretary and Trustee.  Just three months after launch, CHI employed over 700 farmworkers.

Sejal takes great pride in developing her impact portfolio in collaboration with established environmental and social impact organizations, inviting increased accountability and transparency to the impact investment process. Sejal also gained extensive experience engaging with economic and environmental justice, labor, childcare, healthcare and immigration issues while working for organizations such as the NAACP Washington Bureau, Healthcare First South Los Angeles, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, Service Employees International Union and ActionAid India, University of Hawaii, Pomona College and the University of California, Long Beach.

Sejal received her B.A. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and M.A from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Rupal Patel


Strategic, Determined, Enthusiastic

Rupal Patel is an innovative, solutions-oriented creator. Prior to joining Akasha, Rupal was a Principal at Renewable Resources Group (RRG) where she lead the development of environmental and social impact programs for RRG’s investment portfolio. Rupal gained experience engaging with environmental justice, labor, poverty, and immigration issues while working for organizations such as the Council of Michigan Foundations, NAACP Washington Bureau, Urban Justice Center, Communities for Clean Ports/EndOil, and the California Immigrant Policy Center. Rupal received her B.A. in Sociology and M.P.P. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


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