For anyone who follows the latest news on climate change, sources like E&E Daily ($) and ClimateNexus are our highly professional, incredibly respected daily new service.  Although the major mainstream climate change advocacy organizations continue to have a slow uptick in hiring people of color in management level positions (but always talk that good game), ClimateNexus never fails to impress in its ability to keep environmental justice up front and center.

This is in today’s edition of ClimateNexus Hot News. Please sign the petition (link at very bottom):


As the climate community pushes for policies that will reduce emissions and speed up the world’s transition to clean energy, it is vital to remember and honor the Indigenous people who are first to feel the harm of extractive industries before the oil is even burned.


Violent crime spikes near pipeline construction zones and extraction sites, driven by the influx of hundreds of men brought to the area and housed in temporary so-called “man camps” provided by the fossil fuel company. Pipelines often snake near or through tribal territories, precisely because those communities have been systematically dispossessed of the ability to stop them. This means violence by these temporary workers often targets Indigenous women and girls, who go missing and are murdered in staggering numbers near fossil-fuel industry man camps.


Dr. Sarah Deer (Muscogee (Creek) Nation) has spent her career studying and dismantling the “jurisdictional loopholes” from centuries of genocidal policy that make it nearly impossible for tribal courts to hold non-Native people accountable for crimes committed against Native people on Native land. In a recent interview with Dr. Deer, Red Lake Nation News explains that, “tribal courts have not had jurisdiction over non-Native perpetrators who commit criminal offenses against Native people since the 1978 Supreme Court decision in Oliphant v. Suquamish. This is especially devastating in cases of sexual violence.”


Indigenous women and organizations like the Giniw CollectiveMazaska TalksHonor the EarthSeeding Sovereignty, the Brave Heart Society among others, are at the forefront of resisting the harm inflicted by the settler colonial petrostate.

Please join Climate Nexus in signing this petition to urge the Senate and House to adopt resolutions declaring May 5th the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.