We are a sustainability, social responsibility, and project management firm that learns your company’s unique story and tailors the data collection, analysis, and large labor tasks to develop and implement programs that generate efficiencies and greater pride for your company.

We work with the clients’ team closely and collaboratively to discern what solutions are achievable.

We push the boundaries to ensure your company is a leader in your field or industry.

Here is a brief look at what we do:

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

We develop and implement Corporate Social Responsibility programs and reporting, including:

  • Corporate and supply chain sustainability vision and goals
  • Corporate Sustainability Report design and launch plan
  • Workforce development solutions


Social Responsibility Programs

From creating employee wellness programs to creating award-winning innovative businesses or programs that enacts transformational change:


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Additional Value-Add measures:

Assist in completing complex supply chain sustainability surveys or audits, such as the Walmart Sustainability Questionnaire or Greenhouse Gas (GHG) or carbon footprint assessments

  • Create accountability among your workforce by:
    • Aligning your leadership within your company or organization
    • Creating lasting systems of accountability among your workforce to continue and drive sustainability targets and goals
    • Budget and resource planning
    • Monitoring of progress

Project Management

We provide guidance and deliver effective solutions and strategies to meet your needs and objectives.  From renewable energy development projects, process and internal policy implementation, nurturing relationships to cost-effective budgeting, Akasha is here to help you frame issues, generate creative solutions and bring your project across the finish line.  We will work with you to provide custom solutions by:

  • Setting scope, goals and budgeting
  • Defining and structuring data needs
  • Identifying durations, responsibility, and resources
  • Establishing governance procedures, standard reports, coding structures, metrics, and templates
  • Generating reports and communications to inform stakeholders of project status

Current and Past Clients and Partners:

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Government Relations/Policy

We can synthesize large policy and program frameworks into strategically feasible and goal-oriented implementation plans.

We engage in direct policy and legislative analysis related to environmental regulations, labor (including healthcare and childcare services), agriculture, corporate sustainability, and energy and water issues at the local, state and federal levels.

We work with government entities and agencies to ensure projects are viable and complete.


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